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Last week, I asked my followers to share their favorite Twitter threads

I receive tons of wonderful replies and read through them all

Here are 31 amazing threads that are well worth your time ⬇️

1/ @10kdiver on

2/ @aaronbush100 on 20 semi-controversial investing

3/ @annieduke on category

4/ @awilkinson on losing
1/ My Mission: To Spread Financial Wellness (thread)

Here’s what "financial wellness" means to me


2/ Mindset

Humans are programmed to think short-term

Evolutionary, thinking short-term makes sense. It helps with survival.

Financial wellness is all about training yourself to develop a long-term mindset

Not easy -- it takes practice

3/ Mindset

If you join the right tribes, you can’t help but improve

My favs:

Twitter / Podcasts / Blogs / YouTube -- when used correctly -- are amazing

4/ Mindset

Educate yourself - constantly!

Especially about:


These 3 categories have an outsized influence on all areas of your life


5/ Career

In the beginning, focus on growing your income

Do more than what is expected

Become a lynchpin

Find a career that you ENJOY (<- important!) that also has high-income potential

Start a side hustle (<- important!)

Build your talent