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This is THEFT!

Indians had Algebra BEFORE Mμslim prophet & religion was even born.

Here is Bakhshali Manuscript dating back to 3rd century CE. It is an Algebraic treatise. Have you anything like this from the Arabian desert? No, you simply plagiarized Algebra from Indians!

The Bakhshali manuscript, which has been carbon dated to 3rd century CE, is an ancient Hindu treatise on Arithmetic and Algebra.

The Algebraic problems deal with simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, arithmetic
geometric progressions & quadratic indeterminate equations.

Bakhshali isn't earliest Indian Algebraic treatise. Early Algebra is found in Shulba Sutras dating back to at least 800 BC. Traditional Algebra reached its pinnacle in the works of Aryabhata & Bhaskara.

What makes Bakhshali special is it offers mathematical proof to its theories

It is surprising to see that even after the ancient Indian algebraic treatise has been carbon dated to 3rd century CE by Oxford, they persist with "oh we invented Algebra. It is Halal".

A brief examination of the origins of "Halal Algebra" follows

The earliest work of "Arabic Algebra" is the "Al-Kitāb Al-Jabr wal-muqābala" by Al Khwarizmi. The term "Algebra" comes from this book ("Al Jabr").

Before writing his treatise, Al Khwarizmi visited India. His book is a plagiarism from Indian Mathematics and an obvious one at that
Nehru was officially classified as "Class A Prisoner".

He had newspapers, books, servants & coolies. He was allowed to walk out & meet others.

He was also allowed Switzerland trips "while technically imprisoned".

Savarkar was locked up in Kalapani & beaten up for 10 years

It was only once in his life that Nehru was treated just like any ordinary prisoner.

This was in Nabha Jail for 12 days.

Within 12 days, Nehru's father begged British viceroy.

He wrote an apology & assured that his son Nehru will never enter Nabha.

12 Days v/s 10 Years!

Nehru's jail in Ahmedabad had a badminton court specially built for Nehru and other top Congress leaders.

On his insistence, a library was made accessible to him during prison terms . That is how he could write books while "imprisoned".

A fitness instructor also attended to him

Nehru's jail terms were essential political stunts in building up his image as a great freedom fighter.

However, they seemed more like exotic getaways than real prisons

The 12 day imprisonment of Nehru in Nabha jail was harsh.

When Motilal came to know that his Nehru was locked up in a real jail, he rushed to meet Nehru but was forbidden by the administrator of Nabha.

Then, British viceroy came to the rescue of Nehrus and overruled this order
Yogi ji vowed to rename Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar, and BJP pulled a stunning performance in subsequent Hyderabad GHMC elections this week.

This is a thread about the hidden history of Bhagyanagar, Bhagmati, Hyderabad and the Bhagyalakshmi temple at Charminar.


From a long time, Secularist-Islαmist historians and Media have been on a relentless campaign to hide and deface the Hindu history and heritage of Hyderabad.

They say "Hyderabad was never Bhagyanagar. Bhagmati never existed".

Here is a

It is shocking that such campaign of lies is carried out in face of direct evidence.

Here is a contemporary Qutub Shahi painting of wedding procession of Qutub Shah & his Hindu wife Bhagmati. Hyderabad is named after her.

It was commissioned by their grandson in 1650 CE.

Source of the painting: Ashmolean Museum

Notice the Hindu style wedding with women carrying Aartis. I explain its significance below & demolish the secularist claims.

Let me start with a brief background.

Qutub Shahi dynasty was established by Sultan Quli Qutb Mulk (1470 CE-1543 CE). He came to India from Iran.

India was then a land of fabled wealth and limitless opportunities (pic of Sultan Quli).
The official name of this mosque is "Atala Devi Masjid".

It still stands on the pillars of the Hindu temple that originally stood at this site.

The temple was destroyed and its material was used in the construction of the Mosque. Egyptian?

"The original name of Jaunpur was Yavanapura".

"Even in the 19th century, no Hindu called it by the name 'Jaunpur'".

"The local Sharqi Sultans were great destroyers, and every mosque in Jaunpur was built on an existing Hindu temple"

- Archaeological survey of India report

"There is a Sanskrit inscription dating back to 8th century in the Southern Gate of the Jaunpur's Jami mosque".

"There is at present not ANY trace of old temples standing, for the Muhammadan conquerors did their work of destruction with unusual completeness"

- ASI report

"After destroying Karar Bir temple, Firoz Shah saw Atala Devi temple.

He ordered the temple to be destroyed immediately.

But Hindus violently attacked the workmen & pelted the emperor with stones.

Hindus were initially victorious"

- Tarikh I Jaunpur, translated by Pogson

"But fresh Muslim troops arrived from Jaunpur Capital Zafarabad.

An order for slaughter was issued.

Thousands of Hindu infidels became food to the d0gs of death. The river Gomati ran red with Hindu blo0d. Yet, Hindus did not refrain from fighting" -

Tarikh I Jaunpur
"Women are lustful, wasteful, vile, degraded woe bringers"- Buddha

“The learning found among women forms the conclusion of dharma... one should learn the remaining Dharmas from women and people of all classes"-- Apastamba Dharmasutra 2.29.11 (Hindu)

A Buddhist monk falls in love with a woman.

Buddha asks him-"Brother, why are you in love with a woman.

Women are lustful, wasteful, vile, degraded woe bringers".

And then he tells the story about how wicked a woman can be.

Asatamanta jataka:

"Women are treacherous ingrates" -Buddha.

Takka Jataka

"Wrathful are women, slanderers, ingrates,
The sowers of dissension and fell strife!
Then, Brother, tread the path of holiness,
And Bliss therein thou shalt not fail to find"- Buddha

Source: Takka Jataka

Those who are doubting the English translation by Sanskrit professor Cowell (published by Cambridge university press) should look up the Hindi translation published by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan

"स्त्रियां अकृतज्ञ होती है"-गौतम बुद्ध
Cut the crap!

Your stupid & dishonest verbal gimmicks notwithstanding, the undeniable fact is that Buddha indeed compared Brahmins to dogs & concluded dogs were better.

Even traditional commentary on the verse says "Buddha comes Dogs to Brahmins, and Dogs come out better"

To begin with, even the name of the Sutta is "Sona Sutta"( Dog sutta).

But this Sutta has nothing to do with Dogs. It is a rant against Brahmins. Dogs feature only when they have to be compared with Brahmins.

And every comparison concludes that Dogs were better than Brahmins

What is this Sutta about?

It is about Buddha's stereotyping and generalisation against Brahmins.

He begins by saying that Brahmins of his time mated with females of all backgrounds. He compares Brahmin sexual mating pattern with that of dogs.

Here Buddha condemns Brahmins of his time for intermarrying with other varnas/communities and compares them with dogs who mate with every breed.

This is not an innocent comparison. Sexual behaviour of dogs is known for its licentiousness and

This is the reason why words like "k*tti", "bit*h" denoting dogs is used as a grave sexual insult.

Although modern Buddhists flaunt egalitarianism now, for the historic Buddha intercaste marriage was a horror that amounted to licentious social behavior resembling dogs.