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@guyyeomans @tazwake @DanielGDresner @ciaranmartinoxf @Tob1Leron @TheEPS1 1/ x Cc @DuncanChapple Long intake of breath as I realise I have recently started the wrong MSc....
@aj66inuk and I have been discussing that whilst the world has changed, some things have not. #Sabotage is an outdated concept unless you think that Cyber is an extension..

@tazwake @DanielGDresner @ciaranmartinoxf @Tob1Leron @TheEPS1 @DuncanChapple @aj66inuk 2/x an extension of what our former Cold War adversaries were trying to do to us. In 1982 Duncan Campbell spelled out where adversaries would try to attack us. But with Glasnost this became unfashionable and apparently unaffordable.

@tazwake @DanielGDresner @ciaranmartinoxf @Tob1Leron @TheEPS1 @DuncanChapple @aj66inuk 3/X Defector information in the public domain gave us some insights was to what the Warsaw Pact threat to our CNI might look like. Discussions with former adversaries, now Polish, (East) German and Czech allies wld be informative here.

@tazwake @DanielGDresner @ciaranmartinoxf @Tob1Leron @TheEPS1 @DuncanChapple @aj66inuk 4/X Believing there is a credible threat has always been our challenge here in UK. Understanding how a nation state adversary would come at us would be the next step.
It will be persistent, an adversary like the GRU will have been analysing our CNI for over 70 years

@tazwake @DanielGDresner @ciaranmartinoxf @Tob1Leron @TheEPS1 @DuncanChapple @aj66inuk 5/x They will have formed physical and logical plans to attack us. It some cases they may know our assets and our vulnerabilities better than we do. CARVER Shock is an old-school tool that gives an idea how they will come after us. You can apply
In the midst of all the grief + chaos of 2020, it's hard to remember there were good things

For me, an incredible group of young scholars doing highly relevant science was the #Bestof2020. Here are my favorite 2020 paper by each of several young scholars with whom I get to work

To see where some of these folks were last year see this thread

let's start this #BestOfResp2020 with @UM_IHPI

.@msjoding changed the way I look at pulse oximetry in @nejm, rethinking my bedside care

This paper has rightly gotten a lot of

But I think it is useful to look at it as an example of what makes Mike's work so interesting. A grant to build a dataset just to look at this project would, I think, have been un-fundable. Instead Mike had built an infrastructure to look at ARDS detection

When @msjoding came across Prof Amy Moran-Thomas's provocative @BostonReview essay ( he was able to pivot that data infrastructure to ask an important question...
I tried 26 Indian D2C (Direct-to-consumer) brands in 52 weeks!

{list below}

-> Because D2C brands are able to directly establish a relationship with the consumer, they are able to provide greater personalization & faster TAT for after-sales issues. I have personally interacted with many co-founders of these brands after purchase to provide feedback.

-> Lack of infrastructure shackles allows these brands to increase their CACs & rope in consumers with cashbacks, rewards, subscriptions, and other gifting bundles. Brands have also collaborated together in the form of cross-overs (Dope x Svami, The Whole Truth x KC Roasters).

-> I personally discovered half of these brands through @CRED_club. CRED claims that their 3 million members spend as much as 40% higher than average consumers. If this holds true, CRED Pay, launched in collaboration with @Razorpay, is a golden opportunity for D2C brands.

-> The craft coffee revolution has reached India. Newer flavours, blends, roast profiles, and the finer subtleties of coffee are finding takers. Here's a tweet from @miten highlighting some of these amazing brands on CRED.

{list below}
Draft legislation to implement the UK-EU deal now published

A few quick thoughts (although very much first

It seems like the bill contains a mix of some of the options outlined in our @instituteforgov explainer on UK ratification

Clause 29 seems to be a catch all clause - so existing domestic law is treated as subject to the UK-EU deal where it has not been specifically amended to implement it (where this is required) (more from @ProfMarkElliott

Also seem to be separate provisions for the social security coordination protocol to form part of domestic law (clause 26)

Clause 31 includes a general implementating power (a big Henry VIII power, that allows the use of secondary legislation to do anything an act of parliament could do). Seems to be affirmative. Exercisable by gov and also devolved administrations. Inevitable given short time.