Spent a quaint half hour in a cafe listening to a guy yell at his dad after his dad said that the women Trump molested wanted it: "Dad, that's like saying the Jews who died in the Holocaust were asking for it!" ENJOY YOUR TERRIBLE FAMILIES THIS WEEK!

"Mom, has a man ever touched you without your consent?"
"Of course."
"Did you report it?"
"Dad, your WIFE has been through this!"

Dad was unmoved and told the guy to stop arguing with him.

At this point we learned the boy child has allergies.
I forgot to remark upon the presence of the very cute grandson, who was very small and gave not one shit about the yelling. I believe a sister or aunt was present and feeling very stressed. I wanted to hand her a Xanax or seven.
It was really hard to not jump in and say, "Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun meal tomorrow!" so they could unite in hatred against me, the outsider, and stop squabbling. Instead I exchanged glances with a nearby fellow lady patron, who also emotionally ate a cookie.
Anyway, I want to thank the random family for yelling about rape and the Holocaust in an Israeli cafe in the US of A today because it reminded me that while this country isn't the greatest, it is inevitably my stupid favorite and I am never, ever bored.
Also I know this thread sounds like I made it up but I did not, and once all the witnesses and I get out of our complex PTSD therapy from watching a different family freak out and take over a whole cafe with its emotional garbage, we will all write a poem about it for you.
God, that man and his dad were both so awful yet diametrically opposed politically. I don't want to create false equivalency as the son's views were vastly more compassionate and understanding of trauma from assault but neither of them is invited when I marry the nice sister/aunt
Then I left the cafe and had to emotionally eat more and then no fewer than two very visibly high men on the street told me I looked sexy today. One was on a tiny bicycle. Happy Erev Thanksgiving to all!

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